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Activity Planner 2022-23

1 Jun-21 Tuesday International  Yoga Day Short Yoga Session(30- 35 mins)Teachers
(White Attire or Summer Colours)
2 Jul-01 Friday Doctor’s Day Assembly (Classes 6 -12), (Thought, Poem, News Short play, National Anthem)
3 Jul-07 Thursday World Chocolate Day *Chocolate  Choco fills to be distributed in nursery, KG, UKG                                                                                                     Positive and negative aspects of chocolates
4 Jul-11 Monday World Population Day Mahaveer House on duty,  Inhouse activity                                            Assembly (Classes 6 -12), (Thought, Poem, News Short play, National Anthem)
*Classes 9, 11 (Collage Along with quotation)
5 Jul-12 Tuesday Paper Bag Day Mahaveer House on duty
*Paper Bag Making Competition Newspaper / Craft paper (Classes 6 -8)
6 Jul-26 Tuesday Kargil Diwas Day & Shivratri Agrasen House on duty, Inhouse activity,                                            Assembly (Classes 1 -12), (Thought, Poem, News Short play, National Anthem)
7  ( July 28) * Class 6, 7, 8, 9 (RT-2) *Class 10 & 12 (Qualifying Exam)
8 Jul-29 Friday International Tiger Day *Short Play Along with Demonstration/ story telling with props (Kindergarten)
9 Aug-03 Wedneday World Sanskrit Day Buddha House on duty                                                                             *Shlok writing + explaination along with demonstration (Classes 6-8)
10 Aug-06 Saturday Hiroshima Day Buddha House on duty Assembly (Classes6,7, 8,9,11-), (Thought, Poem, News Short play, National Anthem)
11 ** Investiture Ceremony
12 Aug-10 Wednesday Raksha Bandhan Rakhi Celebration (KG)
*Nursury,KG (Colouring),                                                                               
* UKG (Joining of dots and colour)                                                                
*Rakhi making competition (Classes 1 to 8)
13 Aug-15 Monday Independence Day

White House (All 4 Houses), Teresa House on duty
*Fancy Dress Competition (Kindergarten),                                   
*Classes 1-3 (Dance +Poem),                                                     
* Classes 4-6 (Dance Thought + Poem),                                                  *Classes 7-8 (Dance, Play, song),                                               
* Classes 9-12 (Dance, Play, Song, Anchoring)

14 Aug-18 Thursday Shri Krishna Janmasthmi Shri Krishna Jhanki (Kindergarten)
15 August 24-28 Wednesday- Sunday World Water Week Agrasen House on duty,  Assembly (Classes1-12), (Thought, Poem, News Short play, National Anthem)  Sky Blue colur attire for students (Kindergarten) + teachers ,*Story telling (CT+ Demonstration) Kindergarten,                                  
*Classes 1-5 (Poster Making),                                                                    *Classes 6-8 ( Paragraph Writing  on Water,
*Classes 9-12 (Poster with Quotation) +Outside school demonstration
16 Aug-29 Monday National Sports Day Mini Olympics (Kindergarten, classes 1-8,9,11)
17 Sep-05 Monday Teachers Day White house                                                                                     Mahaveer House on duty, Celebration by children
18 ** Mid Term (Either at the End of Second Week  or in Third Week
19 Sep-08 Thursday International Literacy Day Maharveer House on duty
20 Sep-14 Wednesday National Hindi Day Teresa House on Duty, Tentative Assembly
21 Sep 15 Thursday Yellow+ orange Day * Specific colour attire for teachers+ Students,
* Yellow/ Orange colour food, importance by CT (Quiz) (Kindergarten)
22 Sep-24 Saturday Dance Competition Nursery + KG + UKG
* Dance Competition (Prepared by Parents)
23 Sep-26 Monday World Environmental Health Day Buddha House on duty, inhouse actvity, Assembly (Classes6,7, 8,9,11-), (Thought, Poem, News Short play, National Anthem)
24 Oct-01 Saturday Gandhi Jayanti White house,Buddha house on duty Assembly classes 1-12)                                                                 
*Dusshera celebration, Dance, song,
*Kindergarten: child Potrait on Gandhiji + Speech
** Note: school timings till 12 or 12:30 and Teacher’s dandiya
25 Oct-07 Friday World Cotton Day Mahaveer House on Duty,
*Classes 1-5 Painting using cotton,
* Classes 6-8 Toy Making
26 Oct-08 Saturday Air Force Day Mahaveer House on duty, Inhouse activity
27 Oct-11 Tuesday National day of girl child Teresa House on Duty, Inhouse Activity, Assembly,
* English Debate : Classes 5-8, 9, 11
28 Oct-21 Friday Diwali white house Assembly, Agrasen house on Duty,
* Candle Decoration -Classes Nursury, KG, UKG,
* Diya Decoration- Classes 1-5,                                            
*Bandarwaar  Making-Classes 6-8,
*Rangoli Competition or Celling Hanging Classes 9 & 11
29 Nov-07 Monday National Cancer awareness Day Teresa House on Duty, Inhouse Activity, Assembly,: Classes 8, 9, 11 School timings: for children 12.00 or 12:30
** Tentative School Annual Function ( November 12, 2022)
30 Nov-13 Sunday Ayurveda Day White house, Agrasen House on Duty,Colourful attire for students, Dance,song Games by teachers,
31 Nov-14 Monday Children ‘s Day
32 Nov-19 Saturday World Toilet Day Importance & Manners of using toilets – Classes Kindergarten
** Tentative School Picnic
33 Dec-01 Thursday World AIDS Day Mahaveer House on Duty,Inhouse Activity
34 Dec-02 Friday National Pollution Day
35 Dec-04 Sunday Indian Navy Day
36 Dec-10 Saturday Human Rights Day Teresa House on Duty, Assembly (Classes 7 -12), (Thought, Poem, News Short play, National Anthem)
** RT -3
37 Dec-17 Saturday Picnic/visit to nearest park(Kindergarten)
38 Dec-22 Thursday National Mathematics Day Mahaveer House on Duty, White House  (Christmas Celebration)* Santa Attire +fun Games (Kindergarten),
* Board Decoration Classes 1-8, 9 ,11,
*Bell Making -Classes -3,4,5,
* Wall Hanging – Classes 6,8,
* Santa /Christmas Tree Decoration – Classes 9, 11
393 Dec-24 Friday National Consumer Rights Day
40 Dec-25 Sunday Christmas
41 Dec-31 Saturday Outdoor Games before Winter Vaccations(Kindergarten)
42 Dec-31 Saturday New Year Teresa House on Duty (Board Decoration), Short Celebration for staff before Vaccations
43 Jan-09 Monday Guru Govind Singh Jayanti Agrasen House on Duty,                                                                     
*Visit to Gurudwara & Prabhat Pheri (Kindergarten),
*Visit to Gurudwara / Picnic (All Classes)
44 Jan-10 Tuesday World hindi Day Agrasen House on Duty,
Assembly (Classes 1 -12), (Thought, Poem, News Short play, National Anthem), Inhouse activity,
*Extempore(World Hindi Day & Death Anniversary of Lal Bhadur Shastri)Classes 6-8,9,11
45 Jan-11 Wednesday
46 Jan-13 Friday Lohri White House , Agrasen house on Duty, Short Celebration
47 Jan-14 Saturday Makar Sankranti Agrasen House on duty,                                                                                                      
*Join dots & Colour Activity (Theme Kite) – Kindergarten,
*Classes 1-2 (Draw Kite),
* Classes 3-6 (Kite Making),
* Classes (9,11) (Interhouse Quiz Competition Based on important days in duty Week)
48 Jan-15 Sunday Indian Army Day Buddha House on Duty, inhouse actvity,                                           Assembly on January 16 (Thought, Poem, News, Short play “Sacrifies of Indian soldiers”, Dance, National Anthem)
49 Jan-24 Tuesday National Girl Child Day Mahaveer house on Duty, Inhouse Activity,Assembly,
*Debate “Gender Stereotype” (Classes 7,8,9,11)
50 Jan-26 Thursday Republic Day White House Celebration, Mahaveer House on Duty,                        *Dance(Kingergarten),Parade (Kindergarten)
*Demonstration of 29 States (Capital, cuizine, festival, Dance)
** Tentative Staff Picnic
51 Jan-30 Monday Shaheed Diwas Teresa House on Duty, Inhouse Activity
52 Feb-04 Saturday World Cancer Day Teresa House on Duty, Inhouse Activity
*RT – 4
53 Feb-10 Friday National Deworming Day Agrasen House on Duty, Distribution of Deworming Tablets(Kindergarten- 12)
54 Feb 13- Feb 20 Monday- Monday Rainbow Week *VIBGYOR Attire for Teachers & Students,
* Coloured Food,
* Related Questions by CT(Kindergarten)
55 Feb-28 Tuesday National Science Day Teresa House on Duty. Inhouse Activity,
*Open Book Test (Classes 5-8, 9,11)
56 Mar-02 Thursday Outing Picnic (Kindergarten)
57 Mar-08 Wednesday International Women’s Day Agrasen House on Duty, Short Celebration & Games
58 Mar-23 Thursday Matyr’s Day Mahaveer House on Duty, School Board
** NOTE : This is only a Tentative Schedule