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Our Inspiration

  • Our Inspiration

He whose mind is not shaken by adversity, who does not hanker after comfort, who has become free from attachment, fear and wrath, is indeed the epitome of strady wisdom.

Our father Late Shri Bharat Naresh Gupta Ji had a vision to provide quality education to the children from Meerut and surrounding areas. The noble thought that true education broadens and deepens the mind as well as forges a healthy body, the foundation of BNG International School was laid down as a step to cultivate intellect and passion and full development of personality.

Such education is not for the purpose of gaining prestigious academic credentials or high position in society; nor is it for the sake of lording it over others or feeding one’s own vanity. True education enables us to attain the unpretentious far sighted path of life, which fosters genuine character.

Keeping the true meaning of education in mind our school BNG International School, Meerut is imparting quality education to students, providing the infrastructure, state of the art facilities and implementing a system of education that is needed by the young students.