BNG International School





The Early Years Curriculum atBNG is a balanced play and activity-based curriculum that addresses the National Education Policy (NEP). With a thematic and integrated learning approach blended with the best pedagogy for the tiny tots. We help them to develop various skills including life skills important for their holistic development thus making them the Global Citizens.




* Creativity
* Collaboration
* Communication
* Critical Thinking


* Explore
* Engage
* Express
* Ethical Values



The biggest challenge any teacher faces is capturing the students’ attention and putting across ideas in such a way that it stays with them long after they have left the classroom. For this to happen effective innovative ideas are implemented for better classroom experiences. Teachers reinvent their teaching methods and make their classes interesting. Listed below are some of the strategies we follow.

• CREATIVE TEACHING - Taking the help of creative tools to stimulate creativity, we include playful games or visual exercises that excite the young minds and capture their interest. Also, this encourages them to come up with their ideas and gives them the freedom to explore.
• E-LEARNING - We incorporate e-learning in our sessions with Power Point presentations, movies, pictorial materials and audio-visual tools that help their imagination thrive,grow and understand the concepts better.
• BRAINSTORMING - These sessions are a great way to get the creative juices flowing with multiple brains focusing on one single idea to get numerous ideas involving everyone into discussions.
• REAL WORLD LEARNING – We link our lessons to real world learning infusing real world experiences. Relating and demonstrating to real life situations makes material easy to understand and learn. It sparks their interest and makes the sessions all the more interesting.
• CLASSES OUTSIDE THE CLASSROOM - Some lessons are best learnt when they are taught outside the classroom in the lap of nature. Children find it fresh and exciting and the learning remains forever with them.
• ROLE PLAY- Teaching through role play, story dramatization, dance, music, rhymes are a great way to make children step out of their comfort zone and develop their interpersonal skills.
• SUBJECT INTEGRATION- Our curriculum is structured to nourish the whole being:the mind, heart and body. So all the activities are creatively balanced with the subjects to bring about the best learning.
• ASSESSMENT AND EVALUATION OF LEARNING- It involves working with range of available evidences throughout the process of activities that enables the Facilitator to check the child’s performance and keep the track of one’s progress, identify the learning gaps, their strengths and weaknesses, anecdotes and help them overcome using various remedial strategies.

Evaluations are conducted according to uniform system of Assessment Guidelines by CBSE. Assessment will be indicated in grades for scholastic areas and co-scholastic areas.
(a) Work Education – Work Education refers to skill-based activities resulting in goods or services useful tothe community.
(b) Art Education – Visual & Performing Art.
SPORTS AND GAMES - Sports and games are a great way to keep children active and healthy without compromising with their academic studies. Moreover, physical activity has been medically proven to increase cognitive and memory functions, which can help children perform better in school. Therefore, the school has included many sports activities such as Skating, Cricket, Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Badminton, Taekwondo, Archery, Yoga in its curriculum.

DRAMATICS- Playing role on the stage helps the students in improving language skills, including vocabulary, comprehension and expression. It also enhances memory and retention skills which are crucial for academic success. The school gives an equal chance to each and every child to showcase his/her hidden talent on the stage.


Smart English Class will teach the students phonics and know their respective sounds and enhance their overall communication skills.

PUBLIC SPEAKING- One develops leadership skills through public speaking. A leader's worth is enhanced by confident speech. A good speaker becomes a better leader of tomorrow. The school conducts different inter-house competition such as Debate Competition, Extempore Competition, Poem Recitation Competition, Book Reading Competition etc. on regular basis to boost up the confidence of the students. It helps the students to improve their Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening as well as Grammar.

QUIZZES- The school conducts different quizzes such as Chemistry Quiz, Physics Quiz, Biology Quiz, Economics Quiz, Mathematics Quiz, Computer science Quiz, Business Quiz very frequently to inspire pupils to delve beyond their textual knowledge and make a connection between theory and application of the principles they have learned.

CAREER COUNSELLING- Career counselling assures the correct guidance from any doubt and from choosing the wrong path. The school invites renowned counsellors to counsel the students about career opportunities in different fields.

JOURNALISM- Student journalism acts as a model for the real world, where people can freely and openly discuss ideas, debate and point to the problem that needs to addressed. The school motivates the students to conduct the interviews and debates on the current issues where the students get chance to face the real world.