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Chairperson's Message

  • Chairperson's Message

A good school teaches a student to admire the pebbles on the shore while training him to a voyage into the sea ahead.

Commitment is a key to achievement. We at BNG International School are committed to promote excellence in all spheres of education. In today’s fast changing world where primacy is given to new technology we have to be proactive. Therefore we have adopted modern technique of smart classes which is fast becoming so imperative for school.

It is my dream and a noble desire that students of BNG International School should excel in their studies to become a responsible Indian citizen with a sensitive heart to serve the society.

Our aim is to prepare the child to meet the emerging challenges in this competitive world.

A Quote by Albert Einstein, “Imagination is more important than knowledge, as knowledge is limited to all that we know and understand but imagination covers the entire world and beyond .”

I am sure that the imagination we had while laying the foundation stone of BNG International School and the aim we had set for ourselves will definitely be achieved with utmost sincerity and dedication.

Our mission is to open up new learning techniques with innovative inputs that seamlessly connect our school children to the world outside. We endeavour to sow the seeds of acceptance, collaboration and empathy that will help our students to deal with the challenges they face as a matured adults in future.

I extend my best wishes to all my students and assure that they will be able to realize their potential and harness the services offered to them to the utmost.

I wish success and happiness to all .