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Physics Lab

Physics is the branch of science that deals theory and its confirmation using experiments. Physics laboratory is a place where all theoretical aspects are verified with the help of apparatus. Physics laboratory is a place where a student can learn the logics of all natural phenomenon’s and can enhance his/her understanding towards the various whys in the real life. In our laboratory we have a number of experiments including instruments like- Metre Bridge, Potentiometer, Zener diode, PN junction diode, Vernier Caliper, Screw gauge, Optical bench etc which are the basic tools for the systematic and sustainable development of students. A Physics lab aids a student in establishing the relevance of the theory. It brings clarity in the mind of the students regarding the basic concept of the physics and working in a school physics laboratory actually puts a fundamental slab for the students.

Chemistry Lab

-“The true laboratory is the mind,where behind illusions we uncover the laws of truth”-Jagadish Chandra Bose.

Chemistry comes alive only with the experience of observing a chemical phenomenon. Chemistry lab of BNG International School is well equipped for Qualitative and Quantitative anaIysis.It comprises of Kipp’s apparatus, Burets and pippets for proper titration, Salt compounds and Organic compounds, Lab charts, test tubes and holders etc for proper understanding of the concepts. Here, we use apparatus to develop techniques, record and interpret data, and deduce rational theories so that the real world of science is better explained and understood. Our labs are spacious and well ventilated for smooth functioning of the students under the strict vigilance of the qualified professional teachers

Biology Lab

“Biology gives you a brain, Life turns it into a mind” – jeffrey Eugenides.

Biology lab provides us a modern research infrastructure, providing a broad range of biological and biochemical techniques with in-depth practical training. Observations and experiments make learning more interesting and fun. Our Biology lab is well equipped with dummy models of human body and internal organs, preserved specimens of –plants and animals, human skeleton model for understanding of bones, microscopes, salts, chemicals, strains, apparatus, slides and bio visual charts which emphasize on developing scientific temper among the students


‘Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations and algorithms, it is about UNDERSTANDING’.

Mathematics helps to encourage and enable students to recognize that mathematics permeates the world around us. appreciate the usefulness, power and beauty of mathematics. enjoy mathematics and develop patience and persistence when solving problems. Our Maths lab includes charts,puzzles,flowcharts and models as well which in turn ,aims to make each BNGian quick in numbers and calculations.. Each student needs to “make friends” with equations, formulas and the world of “sin,cos and tan”

Social Science Lab

Laboratory is very essential for teaching social sciences. As social science laboratory provides a quick and ready functional environment which not merely provides theoretical but also practical knowledge. The Social Studies Laboratory of BNG International School is set up on the notion of functionality and has learning infrastructure. The school has a well-equipped social studies room cum laboratory. It is well equipped with equipment’s, apparatuses and material required for the subject, which helps in creating and maintaining a much needed congenial atmosphere for effective learning. It provides a work room for the pupil-teachers because activities and the practical solution of problem characterize every unit or topic. The permanent display of important maps and globes, pictures and charts and constant reference to them by teaching is sure to make the teaching of social studies effective, lively and interesting.

Staff Selection Commission

The Staff Selection Commission of our school consists of a team which includes Principal, Management, School Coordinator and an Examination Controller.

We have created a transparent system to choose candidates on the basis of merit, experience, subject knowledge, language and personality as well.

Computer Lab

BNG has a well maintained, well-equipped, well-organized, and air-conditioned computer lab to give students a comfortable learning atmosphere. The computer lab always gives opportunities to students to learn new scientific inventions in the field of technology. The school has experienced educators of IT and Computer Science who enrich the students with all basics and professional practical knowledge. In the present era the computer knowledge is essential for everyone. Even Computer lab is beneficial in free time also. Whenever the students are free, they are free to visit the computer laboratory to complete the given assignment. It is an old saying that practice makes a man perfect but at BNG we believe in giving perfect practice which makes the students perfect in the field of technology.

Home Science

Home Science laborartory assists in gaining knowledge to meet the challenge of day to day life with confidence. It provides basic information required to make decisions at home and outside. It helps them to balance domestic and work life very deftly in today’s fast lane living.

OPTIONAL- School has an ultra modern and well equipped Home-Science Lab where students are acquainted with hands on knowledge and skills.

We have different sections in the lab for different activities like, cooking, stitching, embroidery, knitting and home management. The experienced teachers give students training and guidance in the fields of food & nutrition, clothing & textile and home management.

Music Room

Music is a form of art that uses sound arranged in time. Music is entertainment that makes use of sounds in a way that makes people smile, find interesting, and dance. Usually people sing or play instruments such as piano, guitar, drums and violin.