BNG believes that learning is a dynamic process where each student learns differenty. We provide developmentally appropriate practices by teaching in ways that match the way students develop and learn. We provide daily experiments to students for independantly discover that they are competent and capable learners.




Our curriculum is comprehensive and based on core subjects, facilitating not just knowledge, but also the concepts of development , ideas and skills.

BNG believes that learning is a dynamic process where each scholar learns differently.

Language comprehension, focusing on listening, speaking, reading and writing skills are fundamental to all subjects. Cognitive development, intellectual development, interpretation and thinking skills are more complex secondary skills that follow. The overall personal, social and emotional development of the scholar is constantly monitored to ensure a strong foundation for the adult years.

The entire learning of each scholar is divided into four phases, with each phase, requiring its own focus area and hence its own philosophy.

A regular feedback to parents regarding homework and involvement and progress of scholars, keeps parents well-informed and ensures a closely monitored development programme for their children. This also helps the school in initiating remedial measures, as and when required. A regular and productive communication between parents and mentors is encouraged in both the informal and formal spheres. Parent-Mentor meetings are held at regular intervals.

CBSE – Comprehensive & Continuous Evaluation (CCE)

All scholars at BNG can pursue their learning in an uninhibited and non-restrictive manner. The school aims for providing holistic development to its scholars and is opposed to a rigid and stressful examination policy. Keeping this in mind, the school follows the CCE system of CBSE, in the middle and senior school. The all-round development of the scholar is assessed through a variety of interesting activities, rather than just a summative examination. Therefore equal importance is given to scholastic and co-scholastic areas and scholars are graded not only in terms of their knowledge, but also participation and involvement in the class, inter-house and inter-school activities.


During the primary years the approach is enquiry based where children question, enquire, brainstorm and understand by doing things. An increasing number of activities are taken up so that children understand the concept comprehensively and well.

Recapitulation is done with the help of worksheets and questions formed by the teacher after the completion of a concept.

To find out whether it has been well received by the children, a structured worksheet is provided to each student. This is based on the principles of knowledge, recall, comprehension, application and analysis.

The child’s level of understanding is indicated through a “rubric” where the parameters are set under “beginning/approaching/meeting/exceeding”.

At the senior level the focus is increased on assignment based studies and group activities.


The mentor training programme at BNG is an on-going process, which focuses on exposing mentors to the latest nuances of technology, methodology and changing practices of the national and international curriculum. Emphasis is continuously placed on the compassionate, empathic and impartial role of the mentor in the scholar’s learning process.

The mentor training programme at BNG is implemented through:

  • INSET programmes
  • External seminars and workshops
  • National and international visiting faculty

The CBSE has a very structured curriculum. Though the teachers have the liberty to design their own curriculum till class X, we strictly follow books prescribed for CBSE for classes X and below. With the coming of CCE, education has become activity oriented and the focus has shifted towards continuous assessment of the children through a plethora of challenging, inquiry and research based activities. The aim is to achieve stress free education and promote creativity and innovation while testing the children both on scholastic and co-scholastic areas. The course content in CBSE, particularly in Science and Maths, is robust and a lot of attention is paid to application of knowledge. The board has undergone a significant change over the last 10 years and the focus has shifted from passive learning to learning through experience and experimentation. The Formative Assessment in CBSE is largely based on this concept. The Formative Assessment is an ongoing process, four times in a year (twice in a term) and carries a total weightage of 40% whereas the Summative Assessment is the written exam at the end of each term which carries a total of 60% weightage.

Parents Testimonial

  • I express my sincere gratitude to each faculty member for enthusiasing different aspects of my son life through
    extracurricular activities going through all the year in the school. I found BNG Int. School a wonderful platform for my ward where he is being nurtured through various extracurricular activities like Yoga, Karate, Craft and Dance.

    - (Mrs. Bhawna Jain)

  • I would like to Thank BNG Int. School for providing a stress free environment to the students.
    We find that BNG is a place for our wards where the staff is cooperative, friendly and go out of their way to help students as well as the parents.

    - (Mr. Vipul Gupta)

  • I am fortunate that my son is getting exactly what he needs in near future in BNG Int. School.
    I am satisfied with the activity based teaching pattern which is being followed in BNG.

    - (Mr. Shashi Singh)

  • I am quite impressed to see the discipline as well as the hygienic atmosphere of the school.

    (Mrs. Anuradha Bhatnagar)

  • I am fortunate that my daughter is getting exactly what he needs in near future in BNG Int. School.

    (Mr. Giridutt Mehta)

  • I am satisfied with the activity based teaching pattern which is being followed in BNG.

    (Mrs. Rena Bansal)

  • I am quite impressed to see the discipline as well as the hygienic atmosphere of the school.

    (Mr. Vijesh Kumar)

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